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A few years ago it was a lot easier to market your breeding business online with the lack of online business competition. With Internet market saturation & new breeders all the time in the marketplace, the need for a good quality breeder website is even more important.

Selling Your Puppies, Kittens, Colts and etc Through Internet
Is having a website enough these days? In short, no. Just because you have a website doesn't mean it actually can be successful. 
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So as a breeder how are people to find you, how are they going to contact you, and finally how will you make the sale? In one word; search engines.

A Good Looking & Functioning Website
With the amount of breeders on the Internet how will your business and your  breed standard part from the rest?  Whatever breed your selling may be some of the best money can buy but how will the average consumer know this? Why will they buy from you?

People judge a book by the cover on the Internet... plain and simple. Your job is to decide to make your website as good looking and functioning as possible. Your breeding business and website needs to be set apart by all the other thousands and thousands of websites. The only way to achieve this is to have a custom breeder web design. We can work with you to achieve this high quality professional design.

Breeder Website Management 
We update puppies, kittens, etc for sale, started dogs (for hunting dog breeders) for sale, add your mature breeds, mothers, sires, litter management and and current dates of updated litters.  We also can provide a 3 or 4 generation pedigree on your breeding pair (see samples of 3 generations) Let us know if you perfer a 4 generation pedigree or more and we can send you the form to fill out. NOTE: more than a 4 generation pedigree is a plain form (no pictures).

Example: when you have an expected litter on the way, you will take a photo of the litter, put it on the website, select the mother, select the sire and add a expected date. We can put your liter information, colors, number of babies, and deposit information. As the babies are born, and the eyes open up, you will take photos, and send each individual baby to us assigning them with a litter. As customers buy the babies, you can add information like sold price, sold location, and take a picture with the family and their new purchase. This will add that personalization to your breeding website.

Special NOTE: Because breeders are a special kind of business and requires more pictures we do not charge for additional pages for litter pictures, individual baby pictures or adult pictures of breeds for sale as they are revolving and constantly change.  However if you want a pedigree to go along with them there is a small fee for them. - 

              Plain  ------  3 or 4 generation pedigree -- $15 each (not shown)
              w/Photo --- 3 or 4 generation pedigree -- $25 each

Pedigree Form must be filled out for each male and female and sent back to us.
Puppy & Kitten Forms -- ideas to make a form for potential buyers to see what they are looking for -- good for deposits & before any kind of contract is signed.

Contracts -- Sale Agreement / Health Guarantee 
These are other kinds of forms that you may or may not need - No samples to see but we do have ideas to help make them for you.

Shipping Information
Shipping crates, prices, carrier (Plane or another shipper) -- Information you will need to address if you plan to offer shipping of your baby to its new home.

Breeders that want to change or make a new site and already have a domain registered with them -- We can (most the time) transfer your domain name. However some programs to not allow in order to make or change your website we can do a couple of things.
    1)  Change your business name somewhat to get a new domain
    2)  Keep your original business name and change your domain from .com for example to .org  or  .net

We understand that no two clients are the same so with this in mind we offer the flexibility to add onto or swap options. Therefore pricing for breeders is individual according to your needs and type of breed. Contact us for quote
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