Web Design Pricing
Pricing this service is a bit tricky....There can be several different elements that go into a website.

1)  Building the website -- Adding space / pages when needed, graphics / pictures, prices / services, etc. 
2)  Promoting your site -- SEO, Directories, Link Exchange and etc.
3)  Maintenance of your site --- promoting, changes, updating, etc.

So we will discuss the Basic Simple Site for you to get an idea of cost.  Contact Us  for an accurate Quote as prices reflect commercial services and are subject to change.  There also maybe additional elements needed or wanted for your business.
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What is a Simple Site and what comes with it:
A Simple Website is like OURS. Not the picture or number of pages, but the design and layout.  You can choose you own background... If you have a photo you like we can do it like our site.....If you want just plain color background we can do that too.
1) Up to 6 pages
2) Basic Banner or Logo like ours
3) Your photos, standard graphics or animations (not custom made)
4) Standard backgrounds (not custom made)
5) A Domain Name --  choose .com  .net  or .org  at the end of your business name.

Our Minimum Prices for a Simple Site:
Up to 6 pages -- $250 -- One time fee
Maintenance fee of $15.00 a month is mandatory if you keep your website with us....If this fee is not paid monthly your website and domain will be discontinued.  

SEO is optional and the cost is what your budget can afford, however, the minimum price is $125.00 per month

So added together.....Its $250 for your website (up to 6 pages) and $15 to $140 per month to promote advertise and maintain.

How to get started: 
1. FIRST -- contact us and tell us what your looking for.  Once we have that settled and the price for your
website come back here PURCHASE your web design for the agreed in writing amount.  
2. Subscribe to the monthly or yearly maintenance fee.
3. Select and Subscribe to your SEO fee -- If you want to choose one.
Get the most from your website
Purchase your web design
or additional pages.
Maintenance Fee
Payment options
SEO Monthly Fee -
NOTE: You can cancel a subscription anytime before your next billing. You can also call your credit card company if you choose to pay that way.
Optional Additional Costs:
1) Custom Logo or Banner -- $100 (minimum) and up
2) Custom Rotating Banner -- $300 (minimum) & up
3) Custom graphics, animations - contact for quote
4) More pages -- $20.00 per page one time fee (additional pages can be purchased anytime as needed)
5) Premimum Mobile Service -- $10.00 monthly