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I grew up on the banks of the Kishwaukee river in Rockford, Illinois.  All we did as kids was fish & hunt in the woods.  I'm still an avid fisherman and my brothers are both fishermen and hunters.

I have been doing outdoor websites as a hobby for about 10 years and have finally put that talent to business use.

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If you can dream it, we can make it
Include a QR code on your Business Cards or Flyers. A QR code is that little black and white square you’re starting to see in print ads and things lately. You scan them with an iPhone app and it pulls up a URL, TEXT, or PHONE # you’ve set it to.
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1.  We feel we know more of what the outdoorsman need in their website, which is why it's our specialty.  

2.  We are a small company and therefore can give better personalized attention than the big outfits.

3.  We make professional websites at affordable rates to get you started on the right track in your business.

4.  If you are not completely satisfied with your website after 30 days (from the time its finished) I will refund your money.  SEO results we cannot guarantee, but will work hard to achieve great results.
Get the most from your website
You can go to the big guys and pay more, but you don't have to for a website you need and want.  We look forward to working with you on your road to success.

 Margie Helfrich -- Owner & Designer of MCH Outdoor Web Design