Logo or Banner Design
Think of some iconic brands like Browning, Under Armor, Harley Davidson, and Nike. Their logos are clean, simple, and stand out from the crowd. At MCH Outdoor Web Design we work with you to create the perfect logo or banner for your business. Our logo or banner is handcrafted, meaning your logo doesn't come from a giant catalog of pre-made logos and logo elements. For rotating banners -- see below. We pride ourselves on creating truly one of a kind logos that will help you stand out from the crowd.  However if you prefer a pre-made logo, we can do that too!!
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Why invest in a custom logo?
A logo is your visual brand. It's probably going to stick around as long as you're in business which means you need a good one. You're going to use it on your website, business cards, brochures, decals, and clothing - just for starters. Custom logo's are graphics that you can blow up and use on roadside billboards or scale down for use on a website or business card.

View some of our custom logos & banners below.  Contact us to get started on your new logo.

Please NOTE:  A logo like Ours shown at the top of our webpage is STANDARD at no extra cost.  This type of logo can also be used as a banner in the colors of your website.         
Get the most from your website
These are becoming quite popular on websites these days. They are eye catching and can give lots of information about your website as a whole. These types of banners cost a minimum of $300 and UP... 
NOTE: Maintenance on banners if changing content or pictures is an additional $15.00 per month.
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